The Best of Both Worlds

Published September 29, 2014

Discovering the rewards of combining a stay at Wakatobi with a cruise on the Pelagian dive yacht With one of the world’s best shore dives just steps from your room, and more than 40 exceptional dive sites within a short boat ride of the resort, it is hard to imagine how you could make a dive vacation at Wakatobi any better. Unless, that is, you also took to sea, adding a cruise aboard the Pelagian dive yacht to the itinerary. Come with us to experience the best Wakatobi has to offer by land and sea. A great start Arriving at […]

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Top of the Reef

Published July 29, 2014

Wakatobi is known as one of the world’s finest diving destinations, but it could just as easily be called one of the planet’s best places to snorkel. Not only are the sunlit tops of many reefs located within ideal snorkeling depths, the resort staff and boat crews are completely “snorkeler friendly,” and treat surface-swimming guests with the same respect and attention as the divers. Here is a sampling of the many shallow water attractions snorkelers can discover on the reefs of Wakatobi. Snorkelers often say they could spend days exploring the house reef before ever venturing off on a scheduled boat trip. […]

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Photographer’s Picks

Published July 21, 2014

Wakatobi Dive Resort is considered to be one of the world’s premier destinations for underwater photography. We asked several prolific and highly-acclaimed underwater image makers to share what they like best about Wakatobi, along with favorite images and a few tips on how others can achieve their best results with any type of camera. With many thanks we share their contributions. Warren Baverstock Warren Baverstock is one of the most recognized underwater photographers in the Middle East. He lives in the United Arab Emirates where he is an aquarium curator in Dubai. He also manages the region’s only sea turtle rehabilitation […]

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A Fishy Defense

Published July 11, 2014

Though lovely to behold, coral reefs are far from a placid environment for the creatures that call these places home. It’s a world of eat or be eaten, of stealthy hunts and lethal attacks that must be countered by equally sophisticated defensive strategies. For most, simply fleeing the scene won’t work. Instead, many reef dwellers have come up with unique methods for thwarting would-be predators that involve everything from chemical cloaks to poisoned spikes. Follow along as we explore some of the more unusual defensive adaptations these animals employ. The flounder’s eyes function independently, with each capable of rotating 180 […]

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Night Moves

Published June 1, 2014

Seeing Wakatobi’s reefs under the cover of night can be a magical and inspiring experience. When the sun sets and the stars appear, the reef transforms into an even more magical place. Under the cover of darkness, divers encounter creatures that appear quite different from their daytime counterparts. Many marine animals are nocturnal, with appearance and behaviors that are adapted to live in the dark. Those who dive only during the day will miss out on seeing them, as many of these interesting and unique creatures are either hiding or sleeping through the sunlit hours. Here’s a little tour of night […]

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Private Underwater Video Class at Wakatobi

Published April 24, 2014

You need two things to make a great underwater video: skills and the right location. When Steve Cohen booked his second trip to Wakatobi Dive Resort, he knew he had the right location, because the reefs around the resort are legendary for fish and coral life. In order to perfect the skills needed to capture the beauty of our reefs, Steve enrolled in the resort’s Private Underwater Video program. The results By the end of his stay Steve Cohen was able to put together a dynamic video illustrating the essence of Wakatobi’s healthy reefs and varied marine life.  Video by Steve Cohen Take […]

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Only on Pelagian

Published April 23, 2014

The Pelagian brings divers to some of the most fertile underwater landscape on the planet. From its base at Wakatobi Dive Resort, our 36-meter luxury dive yacht embarks on cruises along the outer reefs and atolls of the Wakatobi Archipelago, and to the southern coast of Buton Island. This itinerary encompasses sites ranging from exciting drifts over towering pinnacles and steep walls to leisurely critter hunts on shallow coral gardens and sandy slopes rich in invertebrate life. Guests often offer praise for the high levels of service the crew provides, and the comforts the accommodations allow. From the spacious cabins and […]

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Playing the Odds

Published April 22, 2014

Survival and reproduction on the reef While diving a coral reef, vibrant and bursting with activity, it’s easy to think of this ecosystem as a ‘magical kingdom’ with a community of strikingly beautiful creatures living in serene harmony. Yet, the appearance of serenity is a facade. Life within this coral metropolis can be very difficult. It’s a realm of “eat or be eaten,” with its own brand of ‘mean streets’ and a harsh set of rules. Let’s look at a few of the survival and procreation strategies used by marine creatures you are likely to see on Wakatobi’s reefs. Survival […]

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Bold Statements

Published April 18, 2014

On the coral reef defense tactics can be highly visual and deceptive Coral reefs are places of great beauty. But the tranquil appearance can be deceiving, as there are dangers everywhere for those who live among the corals. Reef communities are among the most densely populated environments on the planet. When predator and prey live so closely together, survival strategies become very important. Follow along for a few examples of the creative and bold defenses of some unique marine creatures found on Wakatobi’s reefs. Adapt or perish Fortunately, nature has bestowed a number of defense mechanisms, or adaptations, on marine life, […]

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The Villa Life

Published March 25, 2014

Recent upgrades and private dive services make a stay at Wakatobi’s villas better than ever Cloistered at the far end of the beach, the Wakatobi Villas provide guests with an extra degree of privacy and spaciousness, along with magnificent waterfront views and additional personalized services. For Mike and Gina Leisten, a stay at Villa One proved to be the perfect setting for a very special occasion. Wakatobi’s villas are nestled at the north end of the resort. Villa One has two private bedrooms each with full shower rooms.  photo by Didi Lotze The perfect choice for a special occasion “I am […]

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