Private Underwater Video Class at Wakatobi

Published April 24, 2014

You need two things to make a great underwater video: skills and the right location. When Steve Cohen booked his second trip to Wakatobi Dive Resort, he knew he had the right location, because the reefs around the resort are legendary for fish and coral life. In order to perfect the skills needed to capture the spectacular beauty of these reefs, he enrolled in the resorts Private Underwater Video program. “I learned more in 9 days than I have ever learned by myself in 50 years,” Steve said. His final result, something to be quite proud of: The program provided Steve with […]

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The Goby and its Partner Shrimp

Published April 24, 2014

Wakatobi’s numerous plateaus and overhangs with sandy bottoms present the ideal habitat for the blind shrimp and goby. Their fascinating relationship can be witnessed on numerous dive sites surrounding the resort. Photo by David Gray Literally hundreds of different species of goby (Gobiidae) live in symbiosis with shrimps, a relationship that benefits them both. The shrimp digs a burrow and continuously keeps it tidy, “cleaning house” all day long. The shrimp has a weak vision and uses the goby as an early warning system. The goby benefits from a safe haven and, with good vision, guards their shared home. The […]

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Only on Pelagian

Published April 23, 2014

“As a business man I can recognize commitment to quality, and service with passion when I see and experience it. You have that here, Pelagian and Wakatobi is world class! The whole crew on Pelagian is first class, all the way. Thank you for the wonderful experience. We will return as soon as possible.“ Robert Davis, Feb 2014 Divers board Pelagian from Wakatobi Dive Resort after a short charter flight over from Bali. Many guests opt to complement their resort stay with a cruise on Pelagian.   The Pelagian brings divers to some of the most fertile underwater landscape on the planet. From its base […]

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Playing the Odds

Published April 22, 2014

Playing the Odds in the Circle of Life While diving a coral reef, vibrant and bursting with activity, it’s easy to think of this ecosystem as a ‘magical kingdom’ with its community of strikingly beautiful creatures living in serene harmony.  Yet, the appearance of serenity is a facade. Life within this coral metropolis can be very difficult and is certainly not without its own brand of ‘mean streets’ and a harsh set of rules. Photo by Steve Miller The most important underlying rule is survival of the fittest where the motto is “eat, or be eaten.” Therefore, for a species […]

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Bold Statements

Published April 18, 2014

Coral reefs are places of great beauty. But the tranquil appearance can be deceiving, as there are dangers everywhere for those who live among the corals. Reef communities are among the most densely populated environments on the planet. When predator and prey live so closely together, survival strategies become very important. Those who are built for speed can often survive by remaining vigilant and ready to flee. But what about those who move more slowly, or not at all? They can’t spend their won lives in hiding. Instead, these reef dwellers have created a number of physical and behavioral adaptations […]

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The Villa Life

Published March 25, 2014

Recent Upgrades and Private Dive Services Make a Stay at Wakatobi’s Villas Better Than Ever photo by Didi Lotze “I am sitting on the porch of this exact Villa as I read this post! We fly back to Bali tomorrow then onto home from there. Wakatobi has been the best vacation we have ever had.” Gina Leisten, December 2013 This was the comment Gina Leisten was inspired to add to a facebook post as she sat enjoying the sunset on the last evening of her 2013 vacation. The post she was reading was from Wakatobi dive resort, and it showed […]

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Silence on the Reefs

Published March 5, 2014

“Overall, it would be hard to imagine a more perfect environment. You don’t have to dive a rebreather to experience all the wonderful attractions of Wakatobi, but having these systems can add yet another layer to your enjoyment of this magnificent ecosystem.” Craig Willemsen, owner, Silent Word Diving Rebreather diving at Wakatobi dive resort Wakatobi’s house reef is ideal for rebreather diving. Divers have the option to enjoy extended CCR dives mere steps away from the beach fronting the resort’s villas and bungalows. photo by Walt Stearns When rebreather divers cite the many benefits their equipment provides, ease of travel […]

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A Day in the Bay

Published February 4, 2014

It’s day three of your five-day cruise on the Pelagian dive yacht, and you’re looking forward to a type of diving you’ve read about, but not yet experienced. This trip began with a stay at Wakatobi dive resort, where you logged more than two-dozen dives on some amazing reefs and walls. By the end of the week, you could have flown home happy, but instead you opted for a second helping and added a cruise on Pelagian to expand your horizons and experience Wakatobi’s more distant islands and reefs. Follow along for a taste of this Pelagian experience, and enjoy the cruise! […]

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Horses of a different color

Published January 28, 2014

Though you might not guess it based on name or appearance, seahorses are actually fish, and pygmy seahorses are some of the smallest fishes in the sea—the largest specimens would barely stretch across a silver dollar coin.   Their tiny size and near-perfect camouflage kept pygmies hidden from humans until very recently. Now, however, they have become superstars of Indian Ocean reefs, and the favorite subject of a growing number of photographers who devote many hours to the search for these tiny, elusive creatures. Dr. Richard Smith made pygmy seahorses the subject of his doctoral dissertation, and has shared some […]

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Kings of Camouflage

Published January 12, 2014

It could be lurking close by, blending in perfectly with the coral reef or a sea grass bed. But unless it chooses to reveal itself, you could swim right by this alien-like creature without even knowing it was there. Sometimes referred to as “the chameleon of the sea,” cuttlefish have a remarkable ability to rapidly alter their skin color and patterning at will—sometimes seeming to disappear among their surroundings, then suddenly exploding in a pulsating display of moving light that can hypnotize prey or signal to others of their kind. With eight arms growing out of their heads, and three […]

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