Discover the underwater beauty of Wakatobi's coral reefs.

Discover Wakatobi’s Underwater Wonderland

Published September 15, 2022 in DIVING & SNORKELING, RESORT

Watch this brief tour of Wakatobi’s amazing coral reefs, where decades of stewardship have preserved and protected one of the most spectacular and pristine underwater landscapes on the planet. Start on a short boat ride to reefs teeming with life. After gliding along the sunlit top of the reef—which is also perfect for snorkelers—drop over the edge where more discoveries await. Then, board the luxury dive yacht Pelagian for a cruise to more distant reefs through Indonesia’s Wakatobi Archipelago.

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When you go to other dive destinations, you realize just how lucky you were to have visited Wakatobi.” ~Richard Holstein, September 2022

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