Snorkeling on the Wakatobi House Reef

Snorkeling on the Wakatobi House Reef

Published April 4, 2024 in Snorkeling

“The Wakatobi House Reef is a snorkeler’s dream!” This statement by Robin Densten and Freg Vogler, Jr. who visited the resort in April of 2024, is just one of the many guest comments giving top marks to the exceptional snorkeling opportunities found on Wakatobi’s shallow reefs.

“We have traveled all over the world – French Polynesia, Great Barrier Reef, Galapagos, Seychelles, and more. Wakatobi was the best snorkeling vacation of our life!” ~ Pavel and Ellina Pevzner, April 2024

There are dozens of sites within the Wakatobi marine preserve that are ideal for viewing corals and marine life from the surface, and snorkelers are always welcome aboard the resort’s spacious day boats. But there’s no need to go to sea to experience what many have described as the world’s best shallow water dive and snorkeling site. The crown jewel of Wakatobi’s snorkeling gems is our House Reef. Extending more than a half-mile to both sides of the resort’s pier, this vast expanse of seagrass meadows, patch reefs, and coral-covered outer slopes offers endless hours of discovery and a magnificent collection of marine life.

Snorkelers can access the Wakatobi House Reef from the beach or an easy ladder on the jetty. Photo by Wakatobi Resort

Snorkelers can access the House Reef right from the beach or a ladder from the jetty. Photo by Wakatobi Resort

Snorkelers can begin guided or self-guided explorations of the House Reef right from the resort’s beach, or by using the secure stairway attached to the boat jetty. The site is monitored during daylight hours by shore-based resort staff, and a fleet of small taxi boats is on standby to transport snorkelers to more distant areas of the reef. Savvy snorkelers take advantage of taxi boat services to begin their water session up-current of the jetty, which allows for a leisurely drift and an easy water exit.

Enjoy this brief video tour to experience just some of the delights you’ll find while snorkeling on the Wakatobi House Reef.

Those who don masks and snorkel to explore the shallows of any snorkel site at Wakatobi Resort can expect a wealth of unexpected and entertaining marine life encounters that don’t occur anywhere else. We invite you to discover all the underwater adventures that await, both by scuba and snorkeling.

Visit us in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, for an experience of a lifetime.

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