Happy Hour Snorkeling at Wakatobi Happy Hour Snorkeling at Wakatobi Wakatobi's iconic Jetty Bar is a favorite place to gather and enjoy a libation while watching the sun sink towards the... Continue reading


Discovering A Shallow Water Paradise discovering a shallow water paradise

Discover the adventures while snorkeling at Wakatobi Anticipation builds as the charter flight descends toward Wakatobi Resort’s private airstrip. Through the aircraft’s window, you catch glimpses of a shoreline where coral formations are clearly just below the surface of clear turquoise water. As an avid snorkeler, you treasure those rare destinations where vibrant marine ecosystems […]

Snorkeling on the Wakatobi House Reef Snorkeling on the Wakatobi House Reef snorkeling on the wakatobi house reef

Those who don masks and snorkel to explore the shallows of Wakatobi Resort can expect a wealth of unexpected and entertaining marine life encounters that don’t occur anywhere else. We invite you to discover all the underwater adventures that await, both by scuba and snorkeling. Enjoy this brief video tour to experience just some of […]

One Thousand Hours Under The Sea one thousand hours under the sea

This article was reprinted with permission from Photo Review Quarterly. It was first published in Photo Review Magazine March-May 2023 Issue 95. We would like to thank the publication and the author for doing such a nice profile on a Wakatobi regular who has returned more than a dozen times over the years. Snorkelling for […]

Photo by Jamie Ann Robinson Wakatobi’s Shallow Water Paradise wakatobi's shallow water paradise

Wakatobi is known as one of the world’s premier dive destinations. But as a growing number of guests have discovered, you don’t need to don SCUBA gear to experience the magic of the surrounding reefs. That’s because many of the same sites that wow divers are equally delightful when explored at snorkeling depths. The appeal […]

Wakatobi’s Shallow Water Freedom wakatobi's shallow water freedom

Wakatobi Resort draws divers from around the world. They come to experience some of the most pristine and bio-diverse coral reef environments on the planet and enjoy exemplary services amid the comforts of a boutique beach resort. But many guests who make their way to this remote and scenic corner of Indonesia never don a […]

A Kick in the Grass a kick in the grass

Unique discoveries await those who snorkel into the seagrass beds at Wakatobi Resort The reefs around Wakatobi Resort are ideal for snorkelers, as coral formations at many sites rise to within a meter or less of the surface. Dive boats provide daily access to dozens of these sites, but unique adventures can be found much […]

Shooting in the Shallows shooting in the shallows

At Wakatobi Resort, photographers find opportunities close to the surface Wakatobi Resort is a favorite with photographers, and serious underwater shooters from around the world come to document the diverse array of marine life found on our dive sites. Most don scuba gear and can spend hours each day searching for the perfect subject. But […]

Amazing at Any Depth amazing at any depth

Wakatobi Resort is known as one of the world’s premier diving destinations. There are miles of critter-rich coral gardens and dramatic walls to explore within the protected boundaries of the resort’s marine preserve. But you don’t need to strap on a scuba tank to become immersed in the rich tapestry of marine life that thrives […]