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Published December 12, 2017 in Diving, DIVING & SNORKELING, Snorkeling

Across the channel

The majority of Wakatobi’s dive sites are suitable for snorkeling, but some are more memorable than others. Snorkelers wanting to mingle with their diving friends or partners can check with the dive center schedule for opportunities to visit some of the excellent shallow formations that lie just across the channel along Sawa Reef. A relaxing choice is Sawa Utara, where a small bay curves towards a corner in the reef. Here on gentle slopes, dense colonies of whip corals, sea fans, and massive barrel sponges decorate reef. Adding to the scene are schools of oriental and harlequin sweetlips, color-changing unicornfish, and squadrons of black snappers. As divers navigate the contours of the site, snorkelers can follow along on the surface, and enjoy the same sights.

At Vivien’s Reef and Pastel Reef soft corals in shades of yellow, pink and bright orange cover a vertical face that reaches nearly to the surface. Photo by Steve Miller

Moving around the corner to the western side of Sawa Reef provides a chance to dive and snorkel on some of the most dramatic dropoffs in the region. Favorites that start shallow and quickly go deep include Vivien’s Reef, and Pastel Reef, where soft corals in muted shades of yellow, pink and orange cover a sheer vertical face that reaches almost to the surface. For more color, divers can descend to find gardens of neon yellow wire corals spiral out into surrealistic shapes. Even more dramatic contrasts between deep and shallow can be found nearby at Lorenzo’s Delight, where the wall rises to within just two meters of the surface. Here, divers will want to wave goodbye to the snorkelers and go deep to take in forests of immense yellow wire corals that spiral 15 feet or higher off the steeply sloping wall. On the way back up, they will pass through bands of huge encrusting sponges that cover the wall, and past an overhanging ledge that harbors large sea fans framed in colorful soft corals. Back in the sunlight, they can then spend time with the snorkelers, taking in the bright colors and fish life of shallows.

Whether you’re meandering about the surface or diving down you can share the experience at Wakatobi Resort. Photo by Wakatobi Resort

Whether you’re meandering about the surface or diving down you can share the experience at Wakatobi Resort. Photo by Wakatobi Resort

Whether diving deep or floating on the surface, there are many more underwater wonders to discover on the reefs around Wakatobi Resort. And to make these adventures even more special, you can share the experience with partners, family and friends, whether or not they choose scuba, or mask and fins.

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