Mototi octopus at the Wakatobi jetty during a Fluo dive

Mototi Octopus Under the Wakatobi Jetty

Published January 13, 2024 in MARINE LIFE

A Rare Creature Caught on Camera

Much like its famous cousin the blue-ringed octopus, the recently-discovered mototi octopus packs a potent neurotoxin. But not to worry, this pint-sized cephalopod is shy to the point of secretive, and catching sight of one is a rare treat. This particular specimen lives in a rubble pile under the jetty at Wakatobi Resort and was revealed by fluorescent lighting during a nighttime Fluo Dive.

Normally a dull brown-orange, the mototi can change its skin color and texture to blend into its surroundings but may light up in a vivid maroon color when feeling threatened. Unlike a blue-ring octopus, which is covered in its namesake blue circles, the mototi sports a single pair of blue rings which are positioned mid-body to look like false eyes. Much remains unknown about this rarely-seen and highly secretive creature, even though it’s been right there all along at Wakatobi.

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