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Published May 23, 2013 in DIVE YACHT

“A trip of a life time. Incredible diving with experienced and friendly guides. The Pelagian is a Yacht of comfort, a crew that is always helpful and the good food of a 5-star restaurant. In one word –“Awesome!” – Paul Yeomans

Boutique-hotel style accommodations and outstanding service: Pelagian Dive Yacht.  Imagine 115′ / 36 meter of the finest motoryacht. A true exploration yacht built out of steel that’s got a proven record of exceptional dive cruises spanning decades. Now in finer condition than ever before Pelagian is ready to pamper you and yours! There are no crowds, only ten guests! Spacious and elegant guest areas, outstanding amenities and the most incredible marine life round off a vacation aboard Pelagian.

Pelagian luxury liveaboard dive yacht is managed and operated by Wakatobi Dive Resort and offers the same high standards of guest services as our land-based operations – but in a more intimate setting. Imagine experiencing one of the most incredible marine ecosystems on the planet aboard a personal yacht. Few (if any) live-aboards around the world, can boast the comfort and level of personalized attention found on Wakatobi’s premier live-aboard. See for yourself!

An upscale décor is carried through the yacht, which offers all expected creature comforts such as individually controlled air conditioning, and a modern media center with flat screen entertainment. For the yacht’s capricious size (36m) the total ten guests on board are treated to very spacious surroundings – from a luxurious style salon to every level of stateroom, which range in size and decadence from a huge master suite to a roomy standard cabin.

Yacht Pelagian Lounge

Pelagian Salon  Photo by Didi Lotze

Each of the five guest cabins offers substantially more space and luxury that the typical live-aboard. Rather than the compact bunk beds often found on these vessels, Pelagian’s cabins have side-by-side berths or walk-around queen-sized bunks, and all offer full en suite baths and dressing areas.

Master suite (photo by Didi Lotze)

Master suite Photo by Didi Lotze

“The master bathroom is larger than at many hotels, certainly unlike anything I’ve ever encountered on a liveaboard. The rainforest shower was a complete surprise!” – Barbara Hay (photo by Didi Lotze)

“The master bathroom is larger than at many hotels, certainly unlike anything I’ve ever encountered on a liveaboard. The rainforest shower was a complete surprise!” – Barbara Hay
(photo by Didi Lotze)

For those seeking an even more upscale experience, Pelagian’s master suite provides accommodations worthy of a luxury hotel, and is one of the largest and most well appointed that can be found on a dive liveaboard. This suite spans the full width of the vessel and occupies the entire forward portion of the main deck, providing both privacy and easy access to all parts of the yacht. Amenities include walk-around king size bed, a spacious lounge with a love seat, and an entertainment center fitted with an HD flat-panel TV and Blu-ray DVD player. Listen to music, read, or work on your laptop — in total privacy. The bathroom is contemporary and features a spacious dressing area and top-of-the-line rainforest shower and vanity fittings.

“All I can say is Wow! The master suite may be over the top but the Superlux far exceeded any master stateroom on any live-aboard I’ve ever been on.” - Janice Chatham Superlux Cabin (photo by Didi Lotze)

“All I can say is Wow! The master suite may be over the top but the Superlux far exceeds any
master stateroom on any liveaboard I’ve ever been on.” – Janice Chatham  Photo by Didi Lotze

Pelagian’s Superlux cabins offer fresh, bright spa-like environments for guests. From the spacious floor plan, to the wall art and the smallest decor details, these cabins evoke a feeling of tranquility and restfulness. Both of these cabins feature a walk-around, queen-size bed and separate daybed. No need to climb over your partner in the middle of the night to reach the bathroom or in search for a drink! Hanging bedside tables and large drawers under the beds offer guests ample space to store personal items. Adjustable, high-intensity reading lights hang from the headboards for convenient night-time reading. Spaciousness extends into the beautiful bathrooms featuring a glass shower area, a big vanity with spa-like fixtures and great lighting. These cabins are, of course, air conditioned with private controls.

“The boat, more like ship, is very well setup with a large salon, media room, and excellent cabins. Mine was a deluxe, which is very spacious, a really comfortable bed and a large ensuite, very clean bathroom and a rain shower.” – Greg Clinton

Deluxe Cabin (photo by Didi Lotze)

Located at the stern of the yacht, the Deluxe Cabin has its own staircase accessed directly from the main salon. Photo by Didi Lotze

The efficient layout of the deluxe cabin creates the perfect accommodations for a couple or two dive buddies looking for their own space. This cabin features two beds; one wide enough for two people, the other accommodates one person. Built-in drawers and a small loveseat offers a place to sit, read, and maintain your dive log or work on your laptop. This cabin also has a newly-remodeled bathroom with shower and toilet. Air conditioned with private controls, of course.

Located at the stern of the yacht, the Deluxe cabin is accessed directly from the main salon.

Pelalgian Yacht Images

The Standard Cabin is located on the starboard side of the ship from a separate staircase by the camera room. This is the perfect location for those who enjoy tinkering with their camera equipment.
Photo by Didi Lotze

Pelagian’s standard cabin is great for divers who tend to focus more on the boat’s common areas (and their diving) than on having the largest cabin on board. This cabin features two single beds arranged opposite each other with built-in storage for stowing personal items. The cabin also has a newly-remodeled bathroom with shower and toilet.

Equally important as the yacht’s amenities is the trained staff on board. With a full-time crew of 12, Pelagian offers truly personal attention that includes a dedicated cruise director and dive experience managers. Guests are able to choose between fully guided diving experiences or professional support and advice to enhance an autonomous dive plan.

Beauty does not come at the expense of utility aboard the Pelagian, however, as there is also a spacious, shaded aft deck for dive briefings and gatherings, and a dedicated, climate-controlled camera room/workshop with ample counter space and charging capacity to support numerous photographers.

11-Pel_camera_room_photo by Didi Lotze

Pelagian’s dedicated indoor camera room is a far cry from an outdoor table on the dive deck surrounded by dive gear. Photo by Didi Lotze

While meals are a focal point on any liveaboard, the Pelagian staff elevates dining to a new level with a menu worthy of a five-star beachside restaurant, served against a stunning backdrop of sea and sky. In addition to dining and the entertainment center, the yacht offers sheltered and open outdoor lounge areas near the bow and on the top deck which are ideal for reading or quiet relaxation while taking in the sun and sea air or spectacular star gazing in the evenings.

15-A Pelagian outdoor dining1_didi lotze

Enjoy an intimate dining experience on the deck. Photo Didi Lotze

15-B Bow_photo by Valentin

There are plenty of places inside and outside where you can take in the amazing views and enjoy a delicious snack or cool après-dive beverage. Photo by Wakatobi Dive Resort

Explore more of Wakatobi’s Outer Reaches

Diving is conducted from a pair of custom-fabricated 18-foot rigid inflatables. These twin-engine boats carry just five passengers each, and are equipped with tank racks and substantial boarding ladders. The Pelagian staff places gear aboard these inflatables at the start of the trip, and divers need not deal with their equipment thereafter. Items such as cameras are carefully attended to during transfers, and the staff pays special attention to the handling of cameras and other fragile items.

Pelagian & Tenders

Diving from the Pelagian is conducted from tender boats each with its own dive guide.
The daily routine comfortably fits in four 70-minute plus dives per day.  Photo by Shawn Levin

One need not be an advanced diver to enjoy a Pelagian cruise as diving from the boat is not arduous. Pelagian is set up to make diving easier, in addition to providing the sensation of being on your own personal luxury yacht. The majority of dive sites visited are within or adjacent to relatively shallow water, and can be explored in depths that allow for 70-minute bottom times that remain well within recreational guidelines.

Rather than following a set itinerary, each cruise is planned accordingly based on seasons, weather and guest preferences. With bottom times that can routinely exceed an hour, a typical diving day aboard Pelagian will provide four diving opportunities including frequent opportunities for night diving. Over the course of a one-week cruise, divers can expect to log as many as 25 dives, but may ultimately remember their time aboard not only for the fantastic underwater sights they experienced, but also for the world-class amenities and relaxed luxuries of their surface intervals.

14-aerial of outer reefs_photo by Didi Lotze - dl_100708_wakatobi_dive_resort_0255

Pelagian features some ‘out of this world’ dives on both traditional reefs and muck sites. There are hundreds of miles of reefs to visit within the Pelagian’s crusing range. These include the smaller eastern and southern islands of Moromaho and Runuma, the big reefs of Karang Kaledupa, and the fascinating critter haven of Buton island. Photo by Didi Lotze

Reef Scene & Water Reflection Wangi Wangi Island

One favorite type of diving that lures and pleases many guests is the abundance of invertebrates, crustaceans and rare or unusual creatures that live in the loamy, soft-bottomed substrata of the shallows such as this reef at Wangi Wangi Island. Photo by Rodger Klein

9 - Blue Ringed Octopus-photo by Doug Richardson

On many of the shallow reefs you can see an abundance of life that includes cuttlefish, eels,
ghost pipefish and even the rare Blue-ringed octopus. Photo by Doug Richardson

Mandarinfish (photo by Werner Thiele)

“A highlight for me was the dive on Magic Pier, where we saw Mandarinfish mating followed by a world of night life; moray eels, mantis shrimp, napolean snake eels, cuttlefish, octopus, huge shoals of razorfish and ghost pipefish galore.”  – Greg Clinton Photo by Werner Thiele

If the Mandarinfish is high on your list of must see’s, Magic Pier, a Pelagian signature dive, is definitely in order. The pier, a concrete jetty, is built upon a shallow coral plateau on a slope starting at 5m to 8m and gently dropping down to 25m. The pier is home to an abundance of flamboyant Mandarinfish, which are scarcely two inches long.

It is a treat to dive Magic Pier and see so many of these brilliant fish. Interestingly, the male is larger than the female, which is not the norm for most species of fish. During their mating ritual the male and female align themselves belly-to-belly, then they rise slowly to about one meter above te reef. To seem as they reach the peak of their ascent is fascinating, as they simulataneously release sperm anda cloud of up to 200 eggs. The fertilized eggs drift in the current for up to 24 hours before hatching into larvae.


Pelagian cruises the outer reefs and surrounding atolls of the Wakatobi Archipelago. While seasons and weather may dictate some itineraries, one thing is certain, each cruise will be a unique and special experience.

Diving on Pelagian has never been easier with frequent direct charter flights from Bali and a variety of itineraries from which to choose. Why not combine a cruise on Pelagian with a visit to Wakatobi Dive Resort for the best of both worlds?

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