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Beyond the Bathtub

Published October 9, 2013

Sponges are much more than cleaning accessories, they are the ocean’s original reef builders.   Did you know that sponges (Phylum Porifera) are one of the oldest simple multicellular organisms in the animal kingdom? In other words, they’ve been around a long, long time, first appearing in the ocean more than half a billion years ago. Wakatobi boasts one of the highest diversities in sponge species worldwide, much to the pleasure of wide-angle photographers. Differences in species can be attributed to available habitats, and the greater the diversity of habitat, the greater the number of species. Sponges are animals that […]

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Making a Difference: Wakatobi Conservation

Published March 11, 2013

“While training Wakatobi Dive Resort staff in GPS coral reef mapping, I witnessed firsthand the exceptional beauty of the local coral reefs. Pristine coral heads, healthy fish aggregations, and fascinating coral reef architecture make diving at Wakatobi an experience that is out of this world.”  – Stephan Becker, Founder and President of Beautiful Oceans  Wakatobi Dive Resort: the example that makes a difference by Stephan Becker, Founder and President of Beautiful Oceans You may be well informed about the ink that has been flowing to praise the outstanding customer service, excellent gourmet cuisine and exceptional quality of diving available at Wakatobi […]

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