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At Home on the House Reef At Home on the House Reef Steve Miller shares his love of the treasures that lie within a stone's throw of the resort’s beach. by Steve... Continue reading

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Pelagian Dive Yacht A Day in the Bay a day in the bay

It’s day three of your seven-day cruise on the Pelagian dive yacht, and you’re looking forward to a type of diving you’ve read about, but not yet experienced. This trip began with a stay at Wakatobi dive resort, where you logged more than two-dozen dives on some amazing reefs and walls. By the end of the […]

Trail Blazer Beyond the Bathtub beyond the bathtub

Sponges are much more than cleaning accessories, they are the ocean’s original reef builders. Did you know that sponges (Phylum Porifera) are one of the oldest simple multicellular organisms in the animal kingdom? In other words, they’ve been around a long, long time, first appearing in the ocean more than half a billion years ago. […]