Wakatobi – Latest Improvements

Published July 20, 2022 in NEWS

Guests arriving at Wakatobi Resort may notice several upgrades we recently completed and worked on while the resort was closed during the pandemic. Here’s a preview of what we’ve been up to.

New Arrivals

When guests first arrive at the resort, they set foot on our upgraded jetty, which has been widened and enhanced.

Gone are the wooden plank sections that once bridged concrete platforms, and the entire jetty is now covered in a lovely, tiled surface inlaid with mosaics of the resort’s signature logo and a beautiful octopus.

The Jetty Bar has always been a favorite after-dive gathering point to enjoy sunsets over the water. As part of the jetty upgrade, the bar area has received a new deck and tiled edging, and now includes new chairs and tables that create more opportunities for guests to sit back and say “ahhh.”

Comfort Afloat

Wakatobi has long been known for its iconic fleet of spacious, stable dive boats that provide full sun protection, ample personal space, and large on-deck bathrooms. Now, the fleet is better than ever.  We built more boats bringing the fleet to a total of eight, while all received a thorough sprucing-up.

In addition to newly refinished woodwork and brightwork, the upgrade included enlargements and enhancements of bathrooms with full onboard showers, which are stocked with Wakatobi’s signature aromatherapy shampoos, conditioners, body soaps, and lotions.

More Ashore

Enhancements to our longhouse make for an even more memorable entrance to the resort as guests walk into a remodeled reception area, finished in rich wood tones.

Steps leading to a new centerpiece display are overlooked by a wall-size video screen playing previews of the underwater attractions that await. The longhouse also benefitted from remodeled bathrooms and showers, which have been enlarged and tiled with an attractive new motif. The Boutique, located upstairs is currently being remodeled, and there will be new Wakatobi clothing and other items for purchase. Please stand by.

Additional accommodations can also be found at the southern end of the resort, where two new Bungalows now overlook our expansive south beach. These Beach Bungalows are significantly larger in size and include a larger bathroom with double sinks and a larger, twin Asian-style outdoor shower – guests tell us “it’s a mini villa experience.

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