The Blue Mind and Your Well-being

Published September 24, 2015 in DIVING & SNORKELING

In addition to the mental relaxation of diving at Wakatobi, Kathy says she enjoys an enhanced sense of physical well-being. “I feel fitter and more flexible after diving,” she says. “Though it’s not strenuous, diving and snorkeling is a great form of exercise for toning both body and mind. It also allows me to indulge in the wonderful food the chefs at Wakatobi and aboard Pelagian prepare, and not put any weight on.” In fact, she says. “I returned home a couple of pounds lighter–and that’s after having the famous Pelagian ‘2 breakfasts a day’ for a week.” The exercise and fresh air also promotes restful sleep, she says.

“Looking over the ocean while flying in, and realizing we would explore this vast area, gave me the adventurous yet peaceful mindset for our trip.”

For Lisa Carroll, the blue mindset began even before she arrived at Wakatobi. “Looking over the ocean while flying in, and realizing we would explore this vast area, gave me the adventurous yet peaceful mindset for our trip,” she says. “Being in the ocean allows me to disconnect and focus on the surroundings. This feeling allows me to wonder, and creates a sense of freedom. It’s not just the just the weightlessness of being in the water, but the total experience of peace below, watching the marine life going about their daily activities and not being engulfed in your own [activities].” Lisa has many lasting memories of Wakatobi, ranging from seeing dolphins frolic in the bow wave of the Pelagian to witnessing the mating rituals of the mandarinfish at Magic Pier. Most of these memories are couched in shades of blue, she says. “Everything from the deep crystal blue hues at the drop off, to the light blue pastels at the reef’s peak is what has stayed in my mind and often comes back to me, sometimes when I most need to chill out,” she says. “Diving at Wakatobi always evokes a sense of calmness, allowing the mind to go where it wants to go, but at the same time giving you a new sense of energy, and an appreciation for the things you want to do, and not the things you have to do.”

massage by water at Wakatobi_GC

Whether you are in, on or by the ocean at Wakatobi, you will relax, revitalize and put your mind at ease. Photo by Glen Cowans

In the coming years, neuroscientists and psychologists are likely to continue their study of the blue mind. Meanwhile, those of us who know and love Wakatobi don’t need research to confirm what we’ve already experienced. Spending time here in or under the water will not only allow you to relax and put your mind at ease, it can also revitalize your spirits and leave you with an enhanced sense of clarity and purpose. This may very well be the best therapy of all.

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