Pipe Dreams at Wakatobi

Published April 9, 2019

Macro photographers and cryptic critter enthusiasts often consider Wakatobi’s pygmy seahorses to be the Holy Grail of tiny finds. But our waters are also home to other members of the Syngnathidae family that are equally intriguing. We’re talking about the snake-like pipefish, which are ubiquitous inhabitants of the reefs and coastal shallows of Wakatobi. Hiding […]

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Wakatobi’s Macro Magic

Published December 17, 2018

For divers and snorkelers, the benefits of Wakatobi’s ongoing commitment to conservation are plain to see. Delve into the waters of the private marine reserve that surrounds the resort and you will discover a vista of pristine coral formations and thriving marine life. But perhaps even more impressive are the things the big picture doesn’t […]

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Horses, Pipes and Ghosts

Published July 1, 2015

When is a horse not a horse? When it’s a seahorse, of course. Yet despite their equine-like appearance, members of genus Hippocampus are every bit a fish, just like a snapper or a tuna. Ditto for other members of the order Syngnathidae–the snake-like pipefish and bizarre ghost pipefish, which also inhabit the reefs and coastal […]

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