Triggerfish Happy

Published March 10, 2023

Discover why the triggerfish on Wakatobi reefs are worth a closer look, but not too close. One of the many things that bring divers and snorkelers to Wakatobi is the chance to encounter rare and exotic marine life. Making these special finds is always exciting, but just as often, the seemingly ordinary and abundant inhabitants […]

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Wakatobi’s Colorful Sea Squirts

Published January 4, 2023

A closer look at tunicates, one of the most overlooked reef dwellers Duck below the surface on any coral reef around Wakatobi and you will immediately be immersed in a sea of color and life. Brightly decorated fish sporting intricate and intriguing patterns flash by, while cunningly camouflaged critters hide in plain sight among multi-hued […]

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Wakatobi’s Burping Sponges

Published March 18, 2022

Finding frogfish on the reefs of Wakatobi Resort The reefs surrounding Wakatobi Resort teem with literally thousands of species of fish and invertebrates. So why, given this abundance of unique and colorful marine life, do divers devote bottom time to seeking out a sedentary and—let’s face it—ugly little fish that is the underwater realm’s equivalent […]

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Toxic Tactics

Published February 24, 2019

How some Wakatobi reef dwellers deploy unconventional defenses To humans, a coral reef may seem like a vast expanse of calm and serenity. Yet for its myriad inhabitants, this aquatic environment can be an unforgiving realm where the rule is  “eat or be eaten.” For many reef dwellers, danger lurks at every turn, and there […]

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