Surface Intervals

Published November 11, 2017 in Non-diving Activities, RESORT

Cultural immersions

One of the delights of the Wakatobi experience is the blending of hospitality traditions from East and West. The resort maintains the professionalism of a five-star European service and lodging ethos, while the staff radiates the welcoming warmth of Indonesian culture and hospitality. This combination sets the tone for a unique and rewarding guest experience that delivers the highest levels of service, while also creating a sense of relaxed familiarity in which guests feel more like favorite family members than pampered strangers.

Many of Wakatobi’s staff are from the local villages, which welcome resort guests into their communities. Bring a camera, as gregarious children are often eager to pose for photos. Photo by Wakatobi Resort

The connection with Indonesian culture is enhanced by a number of offerings that showcase the region’s cultural and culinary traditions. Among the activities offered are Indonesian cultural workshops. These interactive experiences introduce participants to the national language, Bahasa Indonesia, and delve into the belief systems, customs and cultural nuances of the region, and the people who call these islands home.

A relaxing diversion after a day of diving and snorkeling is to take an Indonesian cooking class and learn a few secrets from Wakatobi’s chefs. Photo by Didi Lotze

Equally popular are the cooking classes that showcase the flavors of Indonesia, and have participants working along side Wakatobi’s chefs to create signature dishes such as piquant sambals and savory stews.

Personal indulgences

Wakatobi consistently earns high marks and positive reviews for the premier level of personal service provided to each guest. The staff takes pride in delivering those personal touches, whether it’s greeting each guest by name, or creating a unique floral arrangement or towel sculpture during housekeeping services. In addition to these daily indulgences provided to all, many who stay with us opt for a bit of additional pampering. Should you decide to enjoy breakfast while relaxing on the veranda of your villa or bungalow, you need only ask and it will be delivered at the time of your choosing.

Wakatobi’s on-site spa and skilled therapists provide a variety of treatments to soothe the body and soul. Photo by Wakatobi Resort

The staff will stage mid-day picnics or arrange for private waterfront dinners, where you and a partner can admire the sunset while seated at a table set on a quiet stretch of beach. Later, you can cap off the evening with a stroll to the Jetty Bar, savoring a libation of choice while watching fish flit about in the pools of light created by underwater illumination. For the ultimate in self-indulgent pampering, guests can choose from a range of massage therapies and rejuvenation treatments from the team at the resort’s on-site spa. Here, the best of Indonesian and European traditions come together in therapies that both relax and revitalize.

Cap off the day with a cool drink at the Jetty Bar and take in one of Wakatobi’s unforgettable sunsets. Photo by Wakatobi Resort

Wakatobi’s diverse mix of water, beach and land activities not only provides divers and snorkelers with pleasant ways to spend their surface intervals, but also enhances the resort’s overall appeal to families and non divers. Child care and kids club activities ensure the little ones will enjoy the vacation as much as mom and dad, while the topside attractions allow diving/non-diving couples to enjoy a stay where they can combine mutual pleasures with individual interests.

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