Sharing the Experience

Published February 12, 2023 in Family Focus, RESORT

A great holiday experience is like a great image. Especially at Wakatobi. And when everything comes together and all the details fall in line you will see and understand each moment’s place and time. Nature photographer Marcus Lindenlaub and his family shared some photos taken during their stay in Wakatobi. Marcus captured their unique experiences with images while also enjoying a family holiday and involving everyone in the creative fun. Enjoy this photo essay of the Lindenlaub family experience.

When everything comes together you will see and understand eah moment's place and time.

When everything comes together you will see and understand each moment’s place and time. photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

Wishes come true at Wakatobi

Balancing the wishes and needs of a family of divers, snorkelers, kids and spouses, photographers, and non-photographers can be a challenge. We found that Wakatobi is an ideal choice, as both the setting and the staff were able to adjust to our individual needs smoothly and naturally.

The stopover in Bali provided opportunities to explore the island and enjoy the sights. Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

Villa view of Pelagian passing by_08-2013

Villas one and two have two full bedrooms with a pool, perfect for a family experience. Here on the horizon is the Pelagian Dive Yacht heading out on a week long cruise. Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

It’s the simplest pleasures that can be the most rewarding. From our villa, it was just steps to the water.  The show began as soon as we put on a mask and snorkel and dropped in.

photo by Wakatobi guest Marcus Lindenlaub

Snorkellers also enjoy excursions to various sites from the dive boats and have their own snorkel guides to help make the experience even more engagin and exciting. Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

Sometimes, the goal of photography is not to record the literal. There are many schools of thought as to what it takes to render a great image, particularly the essence of the moment. Imagination and experimentation are certainly two elements, subject matter is the third; when combined they can open the world in new and unexpected ways.

photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

Cuttlefish are seen on many sites at Wakatobi and often come right into the House Reef around the jetty and Jetty Bar. Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

The essence of nature photography is allowing things to unfold naturally. Animals seldom strike a pose, but this curious cuttlefish came close, providing a lovely show of color patterns. A bit of patience and non-threatening, slow movements turned this chance find into a memorable encounter and great photo opportunity.

photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

The Orangutan crab is a rare and unique creature, although they are found often on bubble coral on the reefs at Wakatobi. Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

Looking at the reef from afar you see a colorful landscape bristling with activity. But when you focus down on any one particular spot, only then can you truly capture the essence and personality of the reef’s individual inhabitants. A closer look at this tiny orangutan crab revealed its long arms, thickly covered with fine orange hairs. This decorator crab is frequently, but not always, found in association with bubble coral as it is here.

Pufferfish eye photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

Creative imagery can require a good eye, such as this Pufferfish’s beautiful and intriguing orb. Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

The camera lens can be inclusive or exclusive in what it sees. Zooming in for a closer look on subjects like the eye of this pufferfish will often reveal details and even interesting patterns you might otherwise have overlooked. So the eye of camera not only lets you share what you see it also adds a dimension to the diving by revealing what our own eyes cannot see under water.

Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

“A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is thereby a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.” ~Ansel Adams Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

Image making need not be a solitary activity. Bringing family and friends into the equation opens new possibilitiesfor expression, and can create memories far more vivid than just snapshots. Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

Wakatobi is a continent in many a young girl's heart. photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

Wakatobi is a continent in many a young girl’s heart. Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

At the end of each day kicking back to enjoy the sunset over Wakatobi made for some quiet yet memorable family moments. Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

A delicate balance of what is there and what is not there makes for a great image as it makes a great holiday.

13- Sharing the Experience_marcus lindenlaub copy

A picture perfect sunset beyond the jetty provides the backdrop for many a Wakatobi memory. Photo by Marcus LIndenlaub

A picture-perfect sunset over the jetty provided a backdrop for a unique form of postcard, created using a simple light pointer and a bit of creative thinking, family style. And if you set out to do your own, practice writing Wakatobi on your mirror.

14- Sharing the Experience_marcus lindenlaub copy

Capturing the moment can be as simple as a hand gesture. Photo by Marcus Lindenlaub

For the Lindenlaubs, the Wakatobi experience meant “capturing the moment, sharing a passion for the marine life, and taking enjoyment in making others happy. Sharing this profoundly touching experience with loved ones will bring you closer together, and the traces of love you leave in each others hearts will endure,” says Marcus.

15- Sharing the Experience_marcus lindenlaub copy

Marcus Lindenlaub

Marcus Lindenlaub is an engineer and CEO of a medtech company by profession, and a passionate nature photographer. Marcus learned photography through years of practice and self-study. He recently received high honors from the Smithsonian National Museum of National History for one of his nature images. Marcus makes his home near Cologne in Germany, with his wife and two daughters.

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