Repeat Performances

Published July 25, 2017 in RESORT

The diving experience

Many guests have remarked that it is the total dive experience that sets Wakatobi apart from other resorts. “The dive guides are special people,” says Monika Klug. “They always seem to shine and be in a good mood, they are extremely knowledgeable, have a good eye for spotting things, and they’re also a lot of fun,” she says. The diversity of the diving experience is another quality that often prompts a return visit. “After our first visit, we came back, this time with the entire family, and added a week on the Pelagian,” says Angus McHaughton. “It’s quite nice to mix up the diving, and you can do it all at Wakatobi–reef diving, walls, and muck from Pelagian. The diving is varied … you’re going from sandy drop-offs to steep walls to reef tops. We particularly enjoyed the mandarinfish dive, so much that we chose to go two evenings in a row.”

The reefs surrounding Wakatobi Resort are pristine and healthy due to the Collaborative Reef Conservation program, which was put into place over twenty years ago by our founders. Photo by Walt Stearns

The conservation ethic

Wakatobi’s business model of proactive protection resonates with our guests, who remark that they feel they are participating in a sustainable solution when they visit. “The concept really works” says Monika Klug. “They never trade quality and love for the environment for dollars. Sure – they also want to make a profit, but I always have a feeling they truly care for the environment.”

“We dive all over the world and I would say the reefs are better here than anywhere else we have been.”

“We just got back from our second visit to Wakatobi,” says Julian Ritchey. “Our first trip was about 10 years ago and we were worried that the condition of the reefs and marine life might have deteriorated over the years, as we have seen in so many spots around the world. We were very pleased to see that the reefs are just as pristine as they were a decade ago. We dive all over the world and I would say the reefs are better here than anywhere else we have been.”

“For snorkelers, Wakatobi is a magical experience,” says guest Paul Moliken.

Not just for divers

“My wife is a snorkeler and there were plenty of shallow sites to keep her entertained, both at the resort and on the Pelagian,” says Angus McHaughton. “There’s not many places we can go that are excellent for both diving and snorkeling. The conditions on this trip were like a millpond, and the reefs are only 2-3 meters down, so you can see so much on snorkel. My wife had her own snorkeling guide. She was very well looked after well, and everyone is also very safety conscious.” “For snorkelers, Wakatobi is a magical experience,” says Paul Moliken. “I probably averaged more than 6 hours a day in the water, and was able to get taxi boat rides to explore other areas of the House Reef. During a dusk snorkel my guide gave me a first look at a broadclub cuttlefish about fifteen feet down, and we stayed there for 10 minutes or so watching it vibrate with different patterns. That made two bucket list scratch offs in just a couple days.”

Indonesian culture has a long tradition of welcoming guests as if they were family. Whether you’re looking at the little touches that help you connect, escape or enhance your experience, our entire team takes pride in going the extra mile–so you know ‘you’re family’ when you’re at Wakatobi. Photo by Wakatobi Resort

A family feeling

“Wakatobi is a wonderful destination for family time,” says Soren Hesner. “Our family has never experienced anything like it, although traveling and diving have been our passion for years. We have now been to Wakatobi two years in a row, and celebrated my birthday there in February of 2017.” Others have remarked that Wakatobi is a destination that makes everyone feel like family, and can create lasting friendships. “Our favorite memory of Wakatobi is meeting great people” says Monika. “On our first trip, we met a really nice couple, and became good friends with them. They returned with us to Wakatobi a second time, and will be back next year as well.”

The total package

In the end, there is no single reason that brings guests back to Wakatobi. Most say it is a combination of things. The unspoiled reefs, the setting, the food, the dive guides, the warm and attentive service, and the camaraderie of enjoying one of the world’s truly special destinations in the company of like-minded people. If you are ready to discover Wakatobi’s siren song, give us a call or drop us a line. We’d love to help you plan a visit, or welcome you back for a reunion.

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