Pelagian liveaboard, Beyond the Muck

Published December 7, 2017 in DIVE YACHT

On the way back to home base at Wakatobi Resort, Pelagian may stop at sites on the outer edge of day-boat range such as the seamounts of Blade. This unique formation is made up of a row of parallel knife-edged pinnacles that are connected by a lower ridge, giving the entire structure the appearance of a serrated knife blade set on edge. It is just one of the many memorable sites that divers will experience aboard Pelagian. And by combining a cruise with a stay at Wakatobi Resort, guests can experience the best that Indonesia has to offer.

About Pelagian

The Pelagian is configured to hold a maximum of ten divers, with comfortable yacht-like accommodations more like an upscale hotel room than the smaller cabins typically found on other liveaboards.

Pelagian offers a max ten guests home-like comforts in a spacious, yet intimate setting. Photo by Didi Lotze

Each of the five cabins features en suite bathrooms and showers, along with the extra floor space needed for relaxing, reading and dressing. To ensure five-star service, the Pelagian is staffed by a crew of 12, which includes dedicated stewards and an executive chef who creates fine dining experiences on a daily basis.

Pelagian’s two Superlux cabins offer a comfy and bright spa-like environment. Photo by Didi Lotze

Pelagian is staffed by a crew of 12, which includes stewards and an executive chef who creates fine dining experiences. Photo by Didi Lotze

The dive team provides detailed briefings, and handles all logistics of gear transfer from the yacht’s spacious aft fantail deck to the two custom-fabricated dive tenders that whisk divers to each site. Dives are led by one of Wakatobi’s guides, who provide appropriate levels of in-water support as requested, and are experts at locating rare marine life. Because dives take place either in shallow-water muck sites or on structures with vertical reliefs that allow multi-level profiles, it’s common to enjoy bottoms times of 70 minutes or more, and up to four dives a day, including night dives.

Ready to experience the wider wonders of the Wakatobi archipelago with a cruise aboard Pelagian? We will be happy to reserve a cabin and help you plan the perfect trip to the remote paradise that is Wakatobi.

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