Wakatobi's Guest Flight makes travel to the resort comfortable and convenient

Easy Arrivals

Published June 1, 2024 in RESORT

Travel to Wakatobi does not get any easier via a direct flight exclusively for guests of Wakatobi Resort and Pelagian Dive Yacht.

Many guests tell us that our Bali airport concierge services and direct onward flights to the resort are key factors that differentiate Wakatobi from other remote destinations. And thanks to our partnership with a top airline carrier, and a convenient weekly flight schedule, we provide guests with more flexibility when planning stays at the resort and cruises aboard the Pelagian.

“We particularly appreciated the Bali staff, who were so helpful in orienting us to local transportation and gathering us in preparation for our flight to the resort. So many little things add up to an incredible overall experience!”  ~Eric & Heidi Lodge

It begins in Bali, where guests are greeted by a Wakatobi representative, who assists with all details of arrival, baggage handling, transfers, and overnight stays. Guests enjoy a similar level of attentive service on the morning of their flight to the resort, making the entire process seamless and relaxing.

Our experience with the service at Bali Airport was overwhelmingly positive,” says guest Jane Corbett-Jones. “After some trepidation about Bali airport customs and visa requirements, we were met by a lovely Wakatobi representative who gathered our luggage and assisted us through all the customs checks. Other tourists were fumbling and looked stressed, but not us… we sailed through.”

We were escorted through the airport by one of the Wakatobi ambassadors,” recalls Jane’s husband Jonathan. “She steered us through security and customs, even helped us pick up a SIM card on the way through, and then walked over to our hotel with us and helped us check in for the night. In the morning we were met at the domestic departures by yet more Wakatobi ambassadors in their bright blue shirts. They walked us through the domestic security barriers and then upstairs for a great breakfast. We got to chat with the other guests whilst waiting to board the plane to our magical island.”

Wakatobi guest flights to and from the resort leave Bali around 8am on the outward leg to the resort and arrive back in Bali around 3pm on the same day. Photo by Wakatobi

Guest Russel Johnson writes “We recently returned from our second experience at Wakatobi and found that the service and care offered by the Wakatobi staff to be exceptional in all areas.”This personal attention started well before bags were packed,” adds his wife Joan. “It started with our Wakatobi sales representative, Linda. She has been absolutely fantastic in organizing our bookings, payments and so forth. She was competent and helpful in every step of the way.

Flexible Flights

Guest flights to and from Wakatobi are generally scheduled on *Mondays and Fridays – depending on the time of year. The flight leaves Bali around 8am on the outward leg to the resort and arrives back in Bali around 3pm on the same day. You can view our flight schedule here (*there are some anomalies during the year).

We work closely with a top airline carrier to make getting to Wakatobi convenient, efficient, and comfortable. The following is included as part of the Wakatobi Guest Flight experience:

~ VIP Arrival Service when you arrive at Bali International Airport on your way to Wakatobi
~ Complimentary full breakfast at a restaurant in the Domestic Terminal
~ Wakatobi Guest Flights – Bali/Wakatobi/Bali (a 2.5-hour flight each way)
~ Inflight services; snacks, soft drinks, tea, and coffee on the way to the Resort and a full lunch on the return flight
~ Full international luggage allowance on our guest flight to the Resort and return
~ Return transfers from Wakatobi’s private airport to the Resort and Pelagian

Guests can choose from 7, 10, 11, 14 nights or more based on the flight schedule.  For example:

7 nights
*Monday/Monday or Friday/Friday
10 nights
Friday to the following Monday
11 nights
Monday to the following Friday
14 nights
Monday/Monday or Friday/Friday

While Wakatobi’s guest experience representatives and Bali concierge team assist with the details of your booking, international arrivals, transfers, and layovers, the resort staff picks up upon arrival to the island.  They take care of everything, leaving guests free to relax and prepare for an afternoon dive or snorkel excursion.

Feel free to inquire with your Wakatobi Guest Experience Consultant about longer stays based on our flight timetable. Contact us directly here.

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