Discovering Wakatobi Beyond the Beach

Published February 28, 2024 in RESORT

White-sand beaches flanked by palm trees and washed by cerulean waters. It’s standard fare for tropical island dreams. But sometimes, the beach is just the beginning, especially at Wakatobi. The Resort delivers a full share of sand, sun, palms, and ocean vistas packaged into a boutique vacation experience with five-star service, fine dining, and plenty of scenic charm. But, it’s what lies beyond the water’s edge that draws travelers from around the world to this small Indonesian island.

A stay at Wakatobi puts you in the heart of the Coral Triangle, a region known as the oceanic epicenter for coral reef biodiversity. In addition, the resort sits within a marine preserve that protects pristine reefs that are home to thousands of species of colorful and unique marine life. Resort guests have full and exclusive access to the reefs, where they enjoy some of the world’s finest snorkeling and diving experiences.

Snorkelers need not swim far to discover one of Wakatobi’s premier snorkeling sites, the House Reef, which is just off the beach and has been called the best shore dive in the world. Photo by Didi Lotze

Snorkelers and divers need not swim far to discover one of Wakatobi’s premier sites, the House Reef, which has been called the best shore dive in the world. Photo by Didi Lotze

Dedicated dive travelers often put Wakatobi at the top of their wish list, but it’s a destination that’s equally appealing to snorkelers, casual scuba enthusiasts, and families. The underwater adventures begin right at the beach. Just yards from shore, seagrass meadows lead to a vast plateau of shallow coral gardens. This is Wakatobi’s famous House Reef, which has earned the title “World’s Best Shore Dive.”

The colorful shallows of the Wakatobi House Reef provide hours of enjoyment for both snorkelers and divers. Photo by Walt Stearns

These colorful shallows extend some 80 yards from shore, at which point the reef takes a dramatic downward turn, plunging into the depths in a series of slopes and walls covered in carpets of sponges and sea fans.

Paddleboarding across the House Reef provides unforgettable views above and below the surface.

Paddleboarding across the House Reef provides unforgettable views above and below the surface. Photo by Wakatobi Resort

Guests have been known to spend entire weeks exploring the House Reef, and the resort maintains a fleet of small taxi boats to ferry divers to more distant areas of the reef for an easy drift back to the resort jetty. The resort also operates a fleet of spacious day boats that make daily trips to dozens of underwater attractions within the reserve, including sheer underwater cliffs that rise almost to the surface, pinnacles festooned in bright corals and swarmed by reef fish, and quiet bays that are home to a wide range of rare and iconic marine life.

Ashore, Wakatobi is the epitome of a tropical island getaway, with a collection of traditionally styled bungalows set in a waterfront palm grove, along with oceanfront villas that provide added amenities such as private plunge pools and Asian-style shower gardens. The resort’s acclaimed culinary team creates gourmet-level offerings and is happy to provide bespoke menus and accommodate special dietary requests. Guests frequently comment on the excellence of the dining experience, both for the ambiance of the seaside dining room and for the five-star quality of the cuisine.

Guests consider dining with a beach and ocean view to be a truly memorable element of the Wakatobi experience.

Many guests consider the dining to be a truly memorable element of the Wakatobi experience. Photo by Didi Lotze

The resort grounds include a spa, dive/water sports center, and nature trails. Recently, Wakatobi has gained the attention of serious birding groups, and several new endemic species have been documented on the island in recent years. More about birding at Wakatobi > here. Other dry-land activities include island tours, village visits, and Indonesian cooking classes. Parents looking for a bit of alone time can trust younger children to the care of Wakatobi’s dedicated nannies, while preschool and school-age children can find stimulating programs and fun at the Kid’s Club.

An Internet map search for “Wakatobi” will reveal just how remote this small island remains, with many destinations in the region requiring a series of flights, ferry connections, and bus rides. Wakatobi Resort solved this issue with the creation of private guest flights, which depart each week from Bali International airport to the resort’s own airstrip. Travel to and from the property is further facilitated by a concierge team, which meets all guests on arrival in Bali, and handles all details of transfers, layovers and any Bali side trips travelers might want to include on their itinerary.

Wakatobi's House Reef is just steps from the resort beach.

A final quality that puts Wakatobi Resort in a class of its own is the Collaborative Reef Conservation Program. This covenant sets aside a portion of resort revenue to provide direct payments to local communities in exchange for honoring specific “no-take” fishing zones within Wakatobi’s privately funded marine preserve. The program also pays for reef patrols and cleanings and provides additional social benefits to area villages. First introduced at the time of the resort’s opening in the mid-1990s, this ground-breaking initiative has since become a model for other such programs around the world. This dedication to protecting and preserving some of the world’s finest coral reefs adds one more reason to put Wakatobi Resort on any beach and ocean lover’s travel wish list.

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