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Published August 27, 2014 in NEWS

Years ago, if asked to describe the location of Wakatobi Resort, a common answer might have been “hard to get to.” Today, the answer you are more likely to get is “away from it all.”  The resort’s location hasn’t changed, but what has shifted is the travel experience, and when that happens distances can become an asset rather than a challenge.

More convenience and choices

When we launched our private charter flight program a decade ago, we cut travel time and transfer hassles between the resort and Bali dramatically. Instead of multiple land, air, and sea transfers that might take up to a day, guests could board one aircraft, relax with a meal and beverage, and arrive at the resort in just 2.5 hours. In the years since, our guests have enjoyed the convenience of landing at Wakatobi’s private runway on Tomia Island, then taking a short boat ride to the resort. This reduction in travel time has allowed our guests to devote more of their holiday time to their experiences rather than their transits, and the average length of a Wakatobi stay is now 10 to 14 days.

In recognition of our guests’ desire for more flexible and longer itineraries, we will soon expand the flight schedule. Beginning in mid-March of 2015, flights to and from the resort will increase from five or six times a month to twice a week. Flights are scheduled each Monday and Friday, creating a more uniform calendar for arrivals and departures that allows guests to schedule stays in increments of seven, 11, 14, 18, and up to 21-night segments (even more if the guest desires). A complete flight schedule can be found on the Wakatobi website under Bookings.

Guests view Pelagian_01_Wakatobi Dive Resort

The new schedule makes it easier to arrange combination trips between the resort and the dive yacht Pelagian. Photo by Wakatobi Dive Resort

The increased flight service will prove especially beneficial for those wanting to book a combination land and sea package at the resort and aboard the Pelagian dive yacht. Once the new flights are added, the Pelagian’s schedule will move to cruises of seven-night durations, which will mesh with flight arrivals and departures. That said, the resort is still offering the possibility for guests to request or organize an extended cruise of 10 to 14 nights at select times of the year.

Add on even more

One popular program that will remain in place is our Bali concierge services. While this doesn’t necessarily cut travel time, it certainly streamlines the journey by allowing our Bali-based concierge team to handle all details of international arrival at Denpasar airport in Bali and transfer to the resort. Many guests also take advantage of the concierge service to create a layover in Bali, devoting several days to enjoying this most interesting and diverse island either before or after visiting us.

Wakatobi-concierge services

Wakatobi’s concierge service allows you to enjoy the best Bali has to offer either before or after your trip to Wakatobi, and also ensures you the best rates on accommodations, services and tour activities. From complimentary cell phone service to private guides and drives or spur-of-the-moment guidance or advice, the team will personally attend to your every need. Photo by Didi Lotze

More benefits to be had

When planning a trip to Wakatobi, guests should be aware of a number of rewards and incentive programs that remain in place. An expedited payment will earn a quick two percent off the package price, while additional early payment incentives can shave up to five percent off the total invoice. Stays of more than seven nights duration will earn a five percent rate discount, while a stay of more than 14 nights doubles this discount to 10 percent. There are additional savings for any days when guests wish to forgo guided boat diving and snorkeling excursions in order to devote time to beach relaxation, island exploration, or spa services.

The new flight schedule will give guests added opportunities to take advantage of Wakatobi’s current extended-stay price incentives, which will remain in place. Stays of more than seven nights benefit from a 5 percent discount on the rack rates of pre-paid services. Stays of longer than 14 nights earns guests a 10 percent discount.

Another offering that has proven to be very popular is our guest loyalty program, which rewards return visitors with additional savings of between five and 15 percent when they come back a second time or more. Those who travel light and can meet the standard European weight restriction of 20 kg / 44 lbs at check-in will receive up to $100 additional resort credit to spend during their holiday.

Plane touching down on airstrip

Though Wakatobi lies in a remote corner of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, our guest flights provide direct air service from Bali to the resort’s private runway in just 2.5 hours. Photo by Didi Lotze

 Are you ready to plan your next dream dive vacation? Now it is easier than ever. Photo by Didi Lotze

Are you ready to plan your next dream dive vacation? Now it is easier than ever. Photo by Didi Lotze

Wakatobi’s international team of guest relations representatives will schedule and handle all details of your trip upon arrival in Bali, as well as extended stays for those wishing to add a Bali stopover to their vacation. And now, thanks to the increased flight schedule, getting away from it all is easier than ever. It’s time to plan another dream dive vacation!

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