Through the Diver’s Eyes

Published June 6, 2013 in Diving, DIVING & SNORKELING, Underwater Videography

A video described through the eyes of Wakatobi guests Gary and Robin Wright.

It’s our second dive of the day and anticipation is mounting. When all is ready, we hit the water, creating a froth of whitewater as our fins make contact. The bubbles clear and our eyes grow wide as we reenter a dream world and leave the complexities of surface life far behind. Gliding weghtless over the reef once again, we attempt to take it all in.

The vast panoramas seem to roll on and on; it’s like cresting what you think is the summit of a mountain, only to discover another plateau beyond. We have the urge to kick as fast as possible in hopes of seeing it all. Even with more than 70 minutes of bottom time in which to explore, we know there will always be more to see. Common sense takes over and we realize it’s better to slow down and properly ‘take in the trees from the forest.’ Drifting along the face of this vibrant reef we are confronted with a constant parade of bizarre and fascinating critters.

We pause for a moment to watch a giant moray eel wrapping itself like a contortionist around a coral head. It raises a toothy head and seems to beckon to us. We are captivated by this behavior and want to just linger and watch what happens next. But a few feet away there’s a crocodile fish trying to conceal itself, with lacey eyes beaming back at us. Then a cuttlefish elegantly dances around, closely watching our every move with its intense eyes. The dramatic topography of the reef, with its multitude of colors, textures, and marine life spur us to kick on.

valebeach_IMG_2796“Some say the streets of heaven are paved with gold. But now we know they are paved with sand and lined with shells. Wakatobi is magic. To have the opportunity to dive in these amazing reefs is truly life changing. The abundance and diversity of life on these reefs is astonishing, reinforcing the value of the reefs and the critical need to protect them. The approach Wakatobi has taken to build a partnership with the community, gives hope that conservation is possible. Add to the beautiful reefs the superb quality of the staff and you have a place that we don’t believe can be experienced anywhere else in the world. Because of the dive masters we saw three different species of pygmy sea horses, ornate ghost fish, squat lobsters! How do they find them?”
– Gary and Robin Wright


(video copyright Liquid Motion Film for Wakatobi Dive Resort)