Road to Roma

Published May 23, 2013 in DIVING & SNORKELING

It’s been said all roads lead to Rome. But if you’ve been to Wakatobi, you might just say ‘all dives lead to Roma.’

Shallow reef sea fan found at Roma  photo by Wakatobi guest Walt Stearns

Beautiful sea fans are found in the shallows at Roma.
photo by Wakatobi guest Walt Stearns


Roma is a large, wide pinnacle, laced with broad colonies of corals. To one side there is a huge area of Pavona coral providing shelter for many small reef fish like anthias, redtooth triggerfish, fusiliers and convict blennies. To the other is a drop off fringed with table corals, soft corals, and fans. Descending down the hard coral ridge, you can see large barrel sponges on the way to Roma’s signature coral formation, which resembles a gigantic rose more than 20 feet across comprised of Turbinaria coral.

While the coral gardens are fruitful for a host of residents such as ribbon eels, scorpion leaf fish, octopus, nudibranchs and other colorful macro life, it pays to look up. Large schools of fishes such as Blackfin and Bigeye barracuda, snapper, crevalle jack, turtles and eagle rays patrol the water column above the pinnacle, making Roma one of Wakatobi’s most popular dive sites.

Shouldn’t your road lead you to Roma?