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Private Underwater Video Class at Wakatobi

Published April 24, 2014 in Diving, Underwater Photography, Underwater Videography

You need two things to make a great underwater video: skills and the right location. When Steve Cohen booked his second trip to Wakatobi Dive Resort, he knew he had the right location, because the reefs around the resort are legendary for fish and coral life. In order to perfect the skills needed to capture the beauty of our reefs, Steve enrolled in the resort’s Private Underwater Video program.

The results

By the end of his stay Steve Cohen was able to put together a dynamic video illustrating the essence of Wakatobi’s healthy reefs and varied marine life.  Video by Steve Cohen

Take your skills to a higher level

This on-request, private course, which included in-water and classroom sessions, provided Steve with intensive one-on-one coaching and instruction on all phases of video shooting and editing. By the end of his stay, Steve’s video skills had moved to a whole new level. See for yourself in the outtake above taken from one of the videos he created during the course.

“To be able to even take a full scale underwater photo and video class in those settings was simply amazing. I learned more in nine days than I have ever learned by myself in 50 years (and I did not even have to read a manual!). The opportunity to learn what I did with the people I did, and in such a setting, made the trip a once in a lifetime event.”  Steve Cohen

Underwater photography, video instruction and coaching is offered on request as a private course; each can be tailored to any skill level from novice to advanced. Also available upon request are added workshops covering topics ranging  from shooting and editing techniques to color correction, transitions and soundtracks.  Please contact our office to inquire about a video instruction opportunity during your next Wakatobi holiday: office@wakatobi.com.

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In addition to in-water sessions, Wakatobi’s underwater video and photography courses include workshops and instruction held in the upstairs classrooms at the longhouse.  Photo by Wakatobi Dive Resort

Steve Cohen is the owner of a highly successful above ground pool business that enjoys a 70 percent market share in the United States, and sells globally, including China. He was first certified as a diver in 1974, and travels frequently.

“I almost never go back to the same destination, but Wakatobi is such a special place we would come for a third time without a doubt. The people, the food, the snorkeling and the diving are unparalleled to any place we have ever gone before.”  Steve Cohen

Steve owns property in the Cayman Islands and he has visited many of the world’s premier diving destinations including the majority of the Caribbean, Fiji, Hawaii, Thailand, Greece, Baja and Morocco. Of all his travels, Steve considers Wakatobi a favorite.

UW photo course 2_Claudia Pellarini
Those wishing to improve their underwater photography skills can partake in a private photo shoot with a Wakatobi pro, offered to photographers of all levels.  Photo by Claudia Pellarini

Shoot like a pro

You can also hone your imaging skills or simply create a private photo shoot with the guidance and assistance of a Wakatobi photo pro. This half-day program is offered to photographers of all levels, and includes not only private coaching and guided support before, during and after the dives, but also expert advice on photo selection, editing, and a private 90-minute imaging clinic.

Wakatobi_photog on the reef _ WDR
Canon 5D Mark II and III cameras in Seacam housings, with all strobes, ports and lenses are available for rent with a private diving experience booking. Inquire with our office or your guest experience consultant for information. Photo by Wakatobi Dive Resort

Professional UW photo equipment

For those looking to learn or further advance their imaging horizons, Wakatobi provides professional grade Canon 5D Mark II and III cameras in Seacam housings, with all strobes, ports and lenses. The systems are available for rent with a private diving experience booking. Our guides provide assistance with set up and operation, and in finding opportunities that help you get the most out of the underwater photography experience.

To inquire about personalized underwater photo and video courses, contact our office at office@wakatobi.com. To find out more about your next dream vacation to Wakatobi, complete a quick trip inquiry at wakatobi.com.  A guest experience representative will be in touch with you to provide information and answer any questions.

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