Non-diving Activities
Special occasions Special occasions For some guests, a visit to Wakatobi can become one of life's great memories While some might say that any trip to... Continue reading

Non-diving Activities

Feature 01 Beach view at Wakatobi_photo Wakatobi Dive Resort Surface intervals surface intervals

There’s more to Wakatobi than¬†just world-class diving and snorkeling Most guests are drawn to Wakatobi resort to experience the beauty and diversity of the protected reefs that surround this upscale oceanfront retreat. But even the most avid of underwater enthusiast has to surface at some point, and when they do, they can enjoy a wide […]

Villa1_northwest view_Didi Lotze Private moments private moments

Wakatobi Dive Resort is located in a remote corner of the world. The setting is ideal for reflection and relaxation, and it’s intimate design allows guests to enjoy both private time and convivial socialization. Some of these experiences are best when shared, but others can be quite personal, and even intimate. These can range from […]