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Special Occasions

Published January 29, 2015

For some guests, a visit to Wakatobi can become one of life’s great memories While some might say that any trip to Wakatobi constitutes a special occasion, some guests make their visit all the more memorable by scheduling their stay in concordance with one of life’s more significant milestones such as a birthday, honeymoon or a wedding anniversary. The intimate nature of the resort, the high level of personal service we pride ourselves on providing, and our capacity for personalization, make Wakatobi an ideal place to turn those special occasions into truly unforgettable memories. Here are some such recollections, as […]

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Sharing the Experience

Published June 12, 2013

A great holiday experience is like a great image: When everything comes together and all the details fall in line you will see and understand each moment’s place and time. Nature photographer Marcus Lindenlaub and his family shared some photos taken during their stay in Wakatobi. Marcus captured their unique experiences with images while also enjoying a family holiday and involving everyone in the creative fun.   Balancing the wishes and needs of a family of divers, snorkelers, kids and spouses, photographers and non-photographers can be a challenge. We found that Wakatobi is an ideal choice, as both the setting […]

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Diving with a Family

Published June 6, 2013

by Wandy Hochgrebe Underwater Australasia Once you have had an amazing time somewhere it always worries me to want to go back. Will it be as good as the first time? Will things have changed? Have things stayed the same, but you have changed? Well, things definitely have changed. In the eight years since we enjoyed the Wakatobi experience we had undergone a transformation and so had our destination. Wakatobi is located on the very Southeastern tip of Sulawesi, which is the part of Indonesia just above Bali. The flight from Denpasar, Bali to Tomia Island is now a direct […]

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