Arrivals and Departures

Published November 30, 2014

Years ago, a journey to a remote destination such as Wakatobi might require a week or more of travel time. Now, with direct charter flights connecting us to Bali and the world, most of our guests need only add a couple of days to their vacation schedule to accommodate their arrival and departure at the resort. And along the way, our team has created a number of additional services and conveniences that, while they won’t make the initial trip any shorter, can certainly make it more enjoyable, and possibly even more memorable. Denpasar International Airport, also known as Bali Ngurah Rai […]

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Surface Intervals

Published October 25, 2014

There’s more to Wakatobi that just world-class diving and snorkeling Most guests are drawn to Wakatobi resort to experience the beauty and diversity of the protected reefs that surround this upscale oceanfront retreat. But even the most avid of underwater enthusiast has to surface at some point, and when they do, they can enjoy a wide range of additional activities, along with a level of scenic beauty, personal service and amenities that create a premier vacation experience, even for those who never dip their heads below the surface. Adults and kids alike can enjoy paddle boarding along the resort’s shoreline; […]

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The Best of Both Worlds

Published September 29, 2014

Discovering the rewards of combining a stay at Wakatobi with a cruise on the Pelagian dive yacht With one of the world’s best shore dives just steps from your room, and more than 40 exceptional dive sites within a short boat ride of the resort, it is hard to imagine how you could make a dive vacation at Wakatobi any better. Unless, that is, you also took to sea, adding a cruise aboard the Pelagian dive yacht to the itinerary. Come with us to experience the best Wakatobi has to offer by land and sea. A great start Arriving at […]

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Remote Yet Readily Accessible

Published August 27, 2014

Years ago, if asked to describe the location of Wakatobi Dive Resort, a common answer might have been “hard to get to.” Today, the answer you are more likely to get is “away from it all.” The resort’s location hasn’t changed, but what has shifted is the travel experience, and when that happens distances can become an asset rather than a challenge. More convenience and choices When we launched our charter flight program a decade ago, we cut travel time and transfer hassles between the resort and Bali dramatically. Instead of multiple land, air and sea transfers that might take […]

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A Virtual Visit

Published July 30, 2014

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be transported to the beach at Wakatobi right now? Unfortunately, the teleporter hasn’t been invented yet, but digital imaging technology has given us the next best thing. When you log on to a new feature on Wakatobi’s website you’ll experience a bird’s eye perspective of the resort as you find yourself soaring above the reef and beach, and taking in the view while standing at the open door of a waterfront villa. Digital transformation A series of beautiful images were recently added to Wakatobi’s website, allowing online viewers to experience the resort like […]

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Private Moments

Published June 25, 2014

Wakatobi Dive Resort is located in a remote and pristine corner of the world. The setting is ideal for reflection and relaxation, and it’s intimate design allows guests to enjoy both private time and convivial socialization. Some of these experiences are best when shared, but others can be quite personal, and even intimate. These can range from morning beach walks to evenings under the stars, and can also include a number of special experiences made possible by the resort staff. We invite you to indulge your imagination and join us on some of these private and very memorable moments that […]

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Wakatobi’s Turtle Nursery

Published May 29, 2014

When Mother Nature needs a bit of help, Wakatobi’s caring staff play surrogate parent to sea turtles. Sea Turtles can live to be 100 years old, but most don’t survive their first few days. In the wild, the tiny hatchlings typically encounter a gauntlet of predators as they hatch and make their way from beachside nests to open water, and they remain especially vulnerable those first few months of life. When nature is in balance, this attrition is a normal part of the circle of life. But when turtles become threatened by factors such as habitat loss, or predators like […]

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The Villa Life

Published March 25, 2014

Recent upgrades and private dive services make a stay at Wakatobi’s villas better than ever Cloistered at the far end of the beach, the Wakatobi Villas provide guests with an extra degree of privacy and spaciousness, along with magnificent waterfront views and additional personalized services. For Mike and Gina Leisten, a stay at Villa One proved to be the perfect setting for a very special occasion. Wakatobi’s villas are nestled at the north end of the resort. Villa One has two private bedrooms each with full shower rooms.  photo by Didi Lotze The perfect choice for a special occasion “I am […]

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A Day in the Bay

Published February 4, 2014

It’s day three of your five-day cruise on the Pelagian dive yacht, and you’re looking forward to a type of diving you’ve read about, but not yet experienced. This trip began with a stay at Wakatobi dive resort, where you logged more than two-dozen dives on some amazing reefs and walls. By the end of the week, you could have flown home happy, but instead you opted for a second helping and added a cruise on Pelagian to expand your horizons and experience Wakatobi’s more distant islands and reefs. Follow along for a taste of this Pelagian experience, and enjoy the cruise! […]

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Sunrise to Sunset

Published December 10, 2013

Wakatobi guests Allan Saben and Erik Schlögl share a sample of their images taken one day – from sunrise to sunset, during a visit to Wakatobi. Enjoy this photo essay and learn about some of Wakatobi’s interesting marine life subjects.   It’s a new day on the coral reef and the first dive on the house reef begins as the sun rises slowly overhead. It’s a peaceful moment, as the creatures of the night find their niche to sleep off their nocturnal activities, while the creatures of the day slowly wake up and rise. As the sun comes up, Erik […]

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