Pelagian: Wakatobi & Beyond Pelagian: Wakatobi & Beyond Many guests complement their Wakatobi experience with a cruise aboard Pelagian to dive some of the most remote and... Continue reading


Sunset_photo Wakatobi jetty_WDR A Natural Attraction a natural attraction

Photographer Walt Stearns puts Wakatobi at the top of his list of dream destinations. Divers have no problem imagining the perfect tropical retreat: A place where warm, clear water covers pristine reefs teeming with abundant and diverse marine life; where seas are calm, with little more than a ripple, and dive sites are just a […]

Family Diving with a Family diving with a family

by Wandy Hochgrebe Underwater Australasia Once you have had an amazing time somewhere it always worries me to want to go back. Will it be as good as the first time? Will things have changed? Have things stayed the same, but you have changed? Well, things definitely have changed. In the eight years since we […]