Wakatobi Named Among the World’s Best

Published January 7, 2015

At Wakatobi, our greatest rewards come from providing each guest with the highest level of service, relaxation and prime access to some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. But we also enjoy earning the recognition of the broader diving and travel community, and take pride in the numerous accolades and awards we continue to receive. One of the most recent of these industry recognitions comes from the editors at Bonnier, who publish Sport Diver magazine’s World’s Best Diving and Resorts. Sport Diver is now hosting on their websites a video introduction to Wakatobi as part of their World’s […]

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Remote Yet Readily Accessible

Published August 27, 2014

Years ago, if asked to describe the location of Wakatobi Dive Resort, a common answer might have been “hard to get to.” Today, the answer you are more likely to get is “away from it all.” The resort’s location hasn’t changed, but what has shifted is the travel experience, and when that happens distances can become an asset rather than a challenge. More convenience and choices When we launched our charter flight program a decade ago, we cut travel time and transfer hassles between the resort and Bali dramatically. Instead of multiple land, air and sea transfers that might take […]

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Pelagian: Wakatobi & Beyond

Published October 21, 2013

“The perfect dive vacation. We did five days on Pelagian and five days at the resort. Pelagian is the best liveaboard we have experienced in our 20 years of diving. Our cabin was equal if not better than a five star hotel room.”  – Ann Donahue, October 2013   Many guests complement their Wakatobi experience with a cruise aboard Pelagian to dive some of the most remote and raved-about sites in Indonesia. Having spent time at Wakatobi dive resort to conduct his research on the pygmy seahorse, Dr. Richard Smith finally realized a long time dream of a cruise aboard […]

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A Natural Attraction

Published October 12, 2013

Divers have no problem imagining the perfect tropical retreat: A place where warm, clear water covers pristine reefs teeming with abundant and diverse marine life; where seas are calm, with little more than a ripple, and dive sites are just a stone’s throw from luxurious accommodation and delicious meals. And, of course, it’s all within magnificant natural suroundings that both inspire and relax the soul. But the reality of finding such an idyllic resort settting is not always so easy. Traveling to many remote tropical destinations can be a difficult and time-consuming process, and distance no longer guarantees an undisturbed […]

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Dive for the Ages – Asian Diver – June 2013

Published June 26, 2013

A Dive for the Ages Asian Diver – June 2013 Click on the image to view the article: A Dive for the Ages 

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Die Top 10 Hausriffe

Published June 11, 2013

Die Top 10 Hausriffe Tauchen – October 2012   Click on the image to view the article: Die Top 10 Hausriffe

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Pelagian: Wakatobi and Beyond

Published June 11, 2013

Pelagian: Wakatobi and Beyond Sport Diving Magazine UK – February 2013   Click on the image to view the full article: Pelagian: Wakatobi and Beyond    

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Diving with a Family

Published June 6, 2013

by Wandy Hochgrebe Underwater Australasia Once you have had an amazing time somewhere it always worries me to want to go back. Will it be as good as the first time? Will things have changed? Have things stayed the same, but you have changed? Well, things definitely have changed. In the eight years since we enjoyed the Wakatobi experience we had undergone a transformation and so had our destination. Wakatobi is located on the very Southeastern tip of Sulawesi, which is the part of Indonesia just above Bali. The flight from Denpasar, Bali to Tomia Island is now a direct […]

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A Dive for the Ages

Published May 23, 2013

The Pacific’s youngest and oldest divers share an adventure at Wakatobi Dive Resort  Underwater, there is no generation gap. Or so it seemed when a buddy team with an 86-year age difference shared a dive in the waters of the Banda Sea. At age 92, Dr. Herb McCoy presents an ideal picture of graceful aging. Back home in La Jolla, California, he jogs a mile or more on the beach each day, then hops in the pool or ocean for a one-mile swim. And he’s a scuba diver. Herb picked up the sport at the age of 40 inspired by […]

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