Shallow Water Paradise Shallow Water Paradise Discover the adventures that await snorkelers at Wakatobi The reefs of Wakatobi are calling. As the charter flight... Continue reading


Feature 01_snorkel photography Shooting Shallow shooting shallow

On any given day at Wakatobi, you may find a dozen or more divers fiddling with high-end underwater camera systems at the dive center as they prepare for the next photo shoot. With miles of pristine reefs and tens of thousands of unique subjects awaiting, it’s no wonder underwater photography is a favorite activity at […]

Snorkeling in front of the resort_feature Surface Delights surface delights

Discovering a wealth of great snorkeling sites at Wakatobi Divers come from around the world to experience Wakatobi’s coral reefs. But not all of our guests don scuba gear and plunge into the depths–some prefer to view the region’s underwater wonders from the surface. And those who do soon discover that many of the same […]

Wakatobi shallow drop off 1000 x 420_photo Walt Stearns Beyond the beach beyond the beach

Snorkeling at Wakatobi is an enriching experience for all. Wakatobi has earned a reputation as one of the finest dive resorts in the world. But that title can be a bit misleading, because you don’t have to be a diver to experience the splendor of our reefs. In fact, we might just as easily have […]

didi lotze_100707_0067 Breathless Moments breathless moments

Floating on the surface, snorkelers survey the sun-dappled shallows of Wakatobi’s House Reef. Then, free of the encumbrance of scuba gear, they descend, and enjoy magical moments as they become one with the creatures of the reef. At Wakatobi you need not go far or dive deep to experience the wonders of the reef. There […]